Although it holds great promise for providing a competitive advantage, Hadoop can quickly become a letdown when performance limitations manage to work their way into large, complex data operations. Whether it’s problem users or jobs, underutilized cluster capacity, or mystery bottlenecks, organizations trying to scale and grow their big data stack face serious roadblocks that can hinder Hadoop and ultimately business success. The longer these issues are left unidentified or undiagnosed, the more business value from Hadoop erodes.  

At Pepperdata, we’re dedicated to dynamically solving the most troublesome (and all too common) performance issues associated with distributed computing. That’s why we’re excited to announce our Hadoop Health Check program, a complimentary, expert assessment that evaluates and diagnoses Hadoop clusters of 100 nodes or more and provides full visibility into current cluster conditions. With Hadoop Health Check, organizations can immediately understand what is going on in their Hadoop environment and easily determine how to improve current Hadoop operations

When you sign up for Health Check, we install our software on a production cluster for up to 72 hours. During this time, Pepperdata collects all cluster performance data, which we then use to provide a high-level diagnostic report with granular insight into the cause of common issues such as problem users or jobs, wasted cluster capacity, bottlenecks and root cause. The result is a set of prescriptive advice for how to use automated, policy-based prioritization and active management to drive improvements in your overall cluster performance.

Is Your Hadoop Infrastructure Healthy?

Health Check signifies our commitment to helping organizations obtain a full and clear picture of how their Hadoop clusters are performing. We’re making it easy and accessible for companies to experience the value of Pepperdata’s Adaptive Hadoop Performance software firsthand. We’re passionate about performance, and with just 72 hours of investment, you can improve your Hadoop performance and get on the road to bigger, faster data.

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