Pepperdata Helps Fortune 100 Financial Services Giant Gain Control Over Their Runaway Data Infrastructure Spend

Fortune 100 multinational investment bank and financial services corporation gains 30% improvement in server utilization and capacity, equivalent to 100s of nodes.

updated thumbnails pepperdata helps fortune 100 financial services giant gain control over their runaway data infrastru


A leading Fortune 100 multinational investment bank was running an on-prem/private cloud Hadoop cluster which provided a data analytics platform to support its global business operations. The company was experiencing exponential growth. With the amount of ingested data doubling from year-to-year, the company faced the prospect of having to add costly compute resources at an unsustainable rate – along with associated maintenance, support, climate control, and real estate costs. The company needed to gain control of runaway IT resource spend while maintaining optimal workload performance levels and meeting business-critical SLAs.


Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer helped reduce the customer’s infrastructure spend by nearly 30 percent by providing real-time visibility into resource utilization, recapturing wasted resources, and maximizing the capacity of their existing infrastructure.


  • Pepperdata provides control over IT spend by more efficiently utilizing existing infrastructure and reducing the need for additional servers by nearly 30 percent annually.
  • Reduces operational complexity for the Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) team by managing all aspects of application and infrastructure performance with a single, unified solution.
  • Enables faster troubleshooting with instant “snap-shots” of cluster and workload performance characteristics.
  • Supports a cluster growth management strategy that enables the company to gain control over hardware spend.
  • Delivers consistent and predictable performance as the analytics platform scales up, enabling the company to meet current and future business goals.