IT infrastructure services require constant tuning and optimization to maintain SLAs while maximizing your investment. The emergence and subsequent utilization of big data helped tremendously in this regard. Real-time performance data is the next evolution in maximizing the power of big data.

While real-time performance data is now becoming crucial to the success of the modern enterprise, many organizations have yet to become fully data-driven. In NewVantage Partners’ recent Big Data and AI Executive Survey, 69% of respondents reported that they have yet to build a data-driven organization. From the same study, 72% of respondents said they don’t have an existing data culture. On top of that, over half of participants said they don’t see data as a business asset (53%) and don’t compete on data and analytics (52%).

However, as consumer demand grows and resource requirements become more complex, enterprises now have to embrace real-time performance data to ensure that their IT architecture can keep up and operational costs remain manageable.

What is Real-Time Performance Data?

Every system, process, workflow, and application generates internal real-time performance data. To improve efficiency and reduce costs, enterprises leverage this data to see which tasks are running slow, where the issues are, and eliminate bottlenecks.

The fresher the data, the quicker you can identify and address the problems. This results in more efficient processes and faster decision making. When data from systems, workflows, and tasks are immediately available for real-time performance analysis, the insights they derive are of better quality and are more actionable.

The Benefits of Real-Time Performance Data for Your IT Architecture

Real-time performance data is powerful because it delivers the freshest information to improve optimization efforts, enhance decision-making processes, and achieve more incisive debugging, troubleshooting, and planning.

Speed is the main benefit of real-time analytics and data processing. Enterprises and their IT teams don’t have to wait for hours or days for their performance data to be processed and analyzed. Rapid, real-time analytics and data processing gives them the reliable information they need to perform necessary adjustments, make crucial and strategic decisions, and initiate interventions when needed.

The real-time performance analysis of application data enables you to fully maximize the utilization of your infrastructure. With real-time observability into the performance of your apps, you can quickly gather all the information from across all tiers and stacks, and create a complete picture. You immediately see why your apps are performing the way they are. You also know how to resolve issues quickly and decisively, limiting downtime to a minimum, and ensuring SLAs are maintained for your applications.

Along with fast and reliable observability into your IT infrastructure, apps, workflows, and processes, real-time analytics and data processing can help predict resource consumption, thus allowing users to allocate the right amount of resources per app and task. In IT stack optimization systems with scalability and machine learning (ML) features, real-time performance analysis helps in automatically allocating and deploying resources to apps and workflows to ensure they run at optimal levels.

The Challenges of Real-Time Performance Data

Quite a few businesses still use dated solutions with little to no real-time data capabilities. This means their data is not constantly updated and is not designed for integration with modern systems. Data becomes stagnant, siloed, and useless.

For some organizations, a lack of newer and more advanced performance management tools means they gather and manage performance data manually. As a result, analysis and optimization cannot be fully automated.

Invest in a Real-Time Performance Data Analyzer and Optimizer Solution

The “real-time freshness” of your data will be wasted if you rely on manual tuning. To take complete advantage of real-time performance data, enterprises need to leverage both automated optimization and ML.

With automated optimization, the solution performs a real-time performance analysis of all data across the IT infrastructure. The solution then automatically scales resources and runs apps and tasks using the most ideal configurations and number of resources to maintain SLAs while keeping costs down.

Pepperdata is a leader in automated IT performance tuning and application optimization. We offer a solution that combines automated optimization with real-time performance data and ML. With our solutions, you have total visibility and observability into your IT infrastructure, around the clock. Our solutions send real-time alerts and give you the whole picture of your architecture. You have all the insights on hand, and you receive recommendations for optimization to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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