Pepperdata 2020 Big Data Performance Report

Pepperdata 2020 Big Data Performance Report

How to Optimize Your Big Data Clusters and Save up to Half a Million Dollars

There is enormous waste in big data clusters today. Average wastage across large clusters can exceed 60%. Luckily, the potential to cut that waste is also enormous. This is good news for IT professionals who are tasked with the tough job of maximizing performance while keeping costs low. With this in mind, we wanted to shed some light on how they are dealing with the challenge.

We conducted a period of customer research where we took a deep look into our customers’ big data clusters. Thanks to this research, we have unearthed a wealth of insights into the condition of enterprise applications that lack the benefits of observability and continuous tuning. Insights we wanted to share with you in our Pepperdata 2020 Big Data Performance Report.

While cloud optimization can bring big savings, it can be tough. The frequency of resource requirements for each workload is beyond the scope of manual tuning. Cloud optimization rooted in machine learning and artificial intelligence can simplify that complexity. This can cut the waste enterprises are facing, ultimately bringing to fruition the savings and increased performance they’re after.

Take the first step towards optimizing your clusters today with this report. The Pepperdata 2020 Big Data Performance Report draws upon data from real customers as well as the data analysis of our data scientists and field engineers. It also includes charts and statistics to visually explain the insights discovered. It’s so full of useful information we had to separate it into parts. Part one covers the current waste running rampant today, and part two explores the potential there is for optimization and savings. Download it now to read how you can cut waste and win back task hours, resulting in true cloud optimization and savings.

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