Last week marked three years for me at Pepperdata and it’s amazing the progress we’ve made as a company in the last few years. We’ve been fortunate to see more than 100% growth year-over-year and I thought in this post I would reflect on some of the reasons why customers work with Pepperdata.

  • Multi-tenancy is hard. All of our customers operate multi-tenant platforms, most at large scale, and that’s very challenging. Hundreds of users and tens of thousands of jobs per day on the platform means a lot can go wrong. With Pepperdata, customers can diagnose performance issues across thousands of nodes in minutes with very little effort.
  • Pepperdata bridges the gap between Dev and Ops. Our most successful customers are interested in enabling a self-service model for their platform users. Historically, our primary user has been Ops, but over the last 18 months, we have expanded our product suite to help Dev teams as well. Our solutions now make it very easy for users to answer questions like, “Why is my job running slower than it did yesterday?” or “How can I optimize or tune my job?”
  • Pepperdata continues to innovate. Customers come to Pepperdata because we are providing solutions that no one else does. If another solution provider has already solved a problem in the industry, our engineering team won’t try to replicate that. Our focus is solving unique performance challenges that aren’t being addressed by other technology companies.
  • Our performance expertise and support. Customers know that when they subscribe to Pepperdata, they aren’t just purchasing the software. Every subscription includes access to our support and engineering teams that are made up of talented big data performance experts. We encourage customers to come to us for help with troubleshooting their jobs and performance bottlenecks across their platform. Ultimately, our goal is to be viewed as an extension of their Ops team and a trusted partner in helping them address performance.

As a small, but fast-growing startup, we are incredibly fortunate to work with the customers we do. Most are large enterprises where Hadoop and Spark play a critical role in their business and they look to Pepperdata to ensure their platforms are running at peak performance and their teams can be more productive with the solutions from Pepperdata.

To each of our customers, we appreciate and value our partnership with you. Thank you.

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