What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing?

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing?

Scale Your Cloud Operations the Right Way

Big data stacks are being moved to the cloud, enabling enterprises to get the most value from the information they own. But as demand for big data grows, enterprises must enhance the performance of their cloud assets.

Faced with the complexity of cloud environments, most enterprises resort to scaling up their whole cloud infrastructure, adding more compute, and running more processes.

While these measures do ensure the continuous operation of the entire cloud environment, doing so without expert guidance, optimization, and automation can lead to cloud costs far beyond initial allocation figures, thus sending any cloud initiative or strategy into a cost spiral.

Traditionally, businesses only pay for what they need and use. With cloud computing, it’s a different story. Many IT teams are found not ready for the complexities of the cloud. As companies expand their cloud footprint and increase consumption of cloud services, the associated costs go up as well.

This reality was highlighted in our 2021 Big Data Cloud Technology Report. Surveying multiple industries, we discovered that one in three business organizations are spending 20% to 40% more than intended in the cloud.

Effective scalability in cloud computing is crucial for businesses that rely on big data and the cloud.

A scalable cloud infrastructure lets you increase and decrease resources such as data storage, processing power, and networking capacity. These changes result in the maximized utilization of the cloud infrastructure, in a matter of minutes, even seconds, on-demand.

However, the ability to scale has to be fast, precise, cost-effective, and automated. Determining the optimal utilization levels and rightsizing the amount of scaling up and down is the tricky part. There are thousands of concurrent data points to consider and act upon, making it humanly impossible. It is the job of cloud optimization solutions to analyze and act upon performance data in real time to achieve the best results.

Scaling has gone beyond human capability. Cloud scalability, in today’s world, must be powered by new technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is the only way for businesses to meet today’s requirements and standards and get the most value from their data.

To achieve full optimization potential, big data solutions need to collect information from all applications and associated infrastructure, analyze the data, and dynamically meet the changes in the resource requirements.

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