Instant and True Observability into Cloudera Stack and Apps

Pepperdata helps Cloudera users to do more than just accurately locate and determine issues faster:

  • Big Data teams, IT departments, and developers achieve real-time observability into Cloudera big data stacks and applications.
  • A comprehensive, 360-degree view into the Cloudera platform enables quick, effective, dynamic, and timely troubleshooting, debugging, and planning.
  • Teams are able to identify and address root causes and troubleshoot quicker, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime for their data stacks and apps.

Automatic and Continuous Tuning of the Cloudera Stack

For the first time, achieve true automatic and continuous tuning of Cloudera applications and infrastructure:

  • Cloudera platform users achieve up to a 50 percent increase in throughput and run more jobs on existing infrastructure.
  • Cloudera platform users reduce troubleshooting time in backlog queues.
  • Cloudera clients eliminate overspending on unnecessary hardware, improving overall cost reduction.
  • Cloudera enterprises dramatically reduce their wasted capacity and set servers to automatically add and run tasks using available resources.


Contact Pepperdata today for access to the Pepperdata environment or a demo of our Cloudera capabilities.

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