About Pepperdata Webinars

The world of big data is vast. From specific technologies like Spark and Kafka, to higher level best practices for ensuring the best cluster performance possible, there’s a lot to keep in mind. We like to cover all of the bases in our webinars.

Led by Pepperdata experts and industry leaders, our webinars cover the many parts of the big data industry. If you’re interested in registering for an upcoming webinar, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for webinars to watch on demand, this is also the place to do it. You’ll find webinars covering:

  • Industry trends: The big data industry is always changing, and new trends pop up often. At Pepperdata, we keep our eye out and like to bring you the latest, need-to-know information about the important trends in the industry. Wondering what exactly observability is? Where is the future of big data headed? These are just some of the topics we cover in our webinars.
  • Best practices: Sometimes even seasoned IT professionals could use some outside insight into the best practices for technologies and initiatives. While what you’re doing at the moment might be working just fine, there’s almost always room for improvement. That’s where our best-practice-based webinars come in. You can find webinars sharing the best practices for Apache Spark, best practices for monitoring and improving Kafka, and more.
  • Technologies: In addition to sharing the best practices for certain technologies, we also share how to overcome common challenges you may face when working with big data platforms.
  • The Pepperdata product suite: While our website offers plenty of material covering the Pepperdata product suite, it can help to see the product in action. Pepperdata experts show you the Pepperdata dashboard, what it’s capable of, explain new features, and more in our Pepperdata focused webinars.

Stick around. Watch an on-demand webinar, or register for one of our upcoming webinars.