Stop Overspending on Your Big Data Infrastructure

Large, multi-tenant enterprise systems, in the cloud and on-premises, are complex. As these systems scale, it becomes difficult to maintain visibility across your entire big data stack, from your applications down to the hardware. Before you know it, you are flying blind. And once you are flying blind, you are guaranteed to overspend. So what do you do to prevent this?

To stop overspending, you need to optimize data operations across the full stack. This includes Hadoop, Spark, Amazon EMR, Dataproc, Azure HDinsight, HDFS, S3, and more. You can continuously collect and correlate hundreds of real-time operational metrics to ensure peak performance. Find out how to get true visibility and control spending in our Stop Overspending on Your Big Data Infrastructure ebook.

By reading this ebook, you’ll learn what key things you need to prevent overspending are, how things can go array without them, and how Pepperdata can help. You’ll walk away feeling empowered to keep your big data budgets in line, whether in the data center or in the public or private cloud. You’ll also know what steps you need to take to prevent overspending.

Pepperdata provides observability and automated optimization for the big data analytics stack. Our product suite offers solutions to get the most out of Hive, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, and more. While we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to automate the boring tasks that get in the way of your main business goals, we understand some people want the knowledge themselves to improve their big data stack.

That’s why we provide downloadable resources that can help developers, IT operators, and other big data professionals take matters into their own hands before taking the plunge with Pepperdata. Our Stop Overspending on Your Big Data Infrastructure ebook is one of those. Don’t miss out. Download it today.

Stop Overspending on Your Big Data Infrastructure

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