Shelter-in-place: 451 Research Survey Shows Why Some Database Workloads Remain On Premises

Shelter-in-place: 451 Research Survey Shows Why Some Database Workloads Remain On Premises

The impact of coronavirus is rapidly disrupting the business world, causing enterprises in multiple industries to rethink their strategic plans. The pivots already made included accelerating digital transformation, moving to the cloud quicker than anticipated, and more. One would think companies would be moving all of their workloads to the cloud, yet research suggests otherwise. Surprised? In this report, 451 Research sheds light on the increasing prevalence of a hybrid IT strategy, and they explain why not all database workloads make it to the cloud.

This 451 Research report is using the data they collected in their latest 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics, Data Platforms survey. While it was no surprise that this year’s survey results revealed a large shift away from traditional on-premises non-cloud infrastructure towards a more cloud-based model, it was enlightening to see just how many workloads were to remain on premises. Why aren’t enterprises moving all of their workloads to the cloud, especially with the benefits the cloud has to offer? Exactly how many enterprises are going all cloud, keeping the bulk of their big data workloads on premises, or doing a hybrid mix? Download the full report to get the answer as to why a hybrid IT model is what’s truly exploding in today’s turbulent times.

“While there is a tendency to talk about workloads ‘moving’ from traditional on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, 451 Research’s latest VotE: Data & Analytics survey highlights that only 23% of respondents are actually planning to ‘lift and shift’ their existing on-premises data platform workloads to off-premises cloud environments (although a further 22% are planning to replace them with off-premises alternatives, and 15% plan to re-architect for off-premises environments). In fact, a higher proportion (25%) are planning to retain existing data platform workloads on-premises, but to rearchitect and redesign using cloud-native frameworks.”

– 451 Research, LLC, Matt Aslett

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