Seven Essential Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

Seven Essential Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration White Paper

Cloud migration is essential for today’s business organizations. In North America, 60% of enterprises have now moved many of their critical processes and systems to the cloud. In a study by IBM Institute for Business Value, 98% of business organizations announced their plans to adopt a hybrid cloud model by 2021.

The shift to the cloud has been swift and momentous. The disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the value of cloud technologies, prompting enterprises to accelerate their cloud migration initiatives. However, as soon as businesses move to the cloud, they are immediately faced with multiple complex challenges that impede them from achieving success and generating a big return on their investment.

Cloud Migration Success with Pepperdata

The problem with business leaders and cloud migration teams is that they only set their eyes on the pronounced benefits of the cloud: cost savings, scalability, agility, and security among others. However, many businesses fail to realize that cloud migration isn’t just about the benefits. It’s also about business processes and taking the necessary steps to ensure that the cloud infrastructure is designed to match the desired processes.

With this Seven Essential Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration white paper, business leaders, IT professionals, and cloud migration teams are able to explore the seven most crucial considerations prior to moving to the cloud.

Combining the expertise of several cloud technology experts, data scientists, and IT professionals, this definitive guide will help users devise a proven methodology, completely understand the risks, and map out their cloud migration journey from end to end. Ultimately, this white paper empowers business enterprises to flawlessly execute their plans and scale on demand when necessary to enjoy the benefits of the cloud and realize their desired returns.

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