Rubicon Project Improves Performance and Streamlines Automated Advertising Solution

Rubicon Project Improves Performance and Streamlines Automated Advertising Solution

Rubicon Project is a leading technology company that automates the buying and selling of advertising for ad agencies, publishers, and advertisers. Their automated advertising platform is revolutionary, making it easy and safe to buy and sell advertising online. Major applications and publishers use Rubicon Project’s advertising platform to work with top brands around the world, making it possible to reach roughly one billion consumers. While the company has helped many with their advertising platform, they noticed a place for improvement when it came to how much insight they had into their big data clusters.

The Challenge: Lack of Visibility and Flying Blind
Rubicon Project struggled with a lack of visibility into important metrics and being able to visualize Java metrics. Therefore, these were key during their search for the robust monitoring and metrics solution they needed. Rubicon Project knew they could better manage their clusters, and they were looking at a variety of solutions to provide what they required.

The Solution: True Observability through Pepperdata
After installing the solution, Rubicon Project knew Pepperdata Platform Spotlight was exactly what they needed. The Pepperdata solution stood out from the crowd, and making a decision was easy.

“Before we installed Pepperdata, we didn’t have a way to access JVM metrics or drill down to the level of granularity that was needed to effectively find and resolve issues the way we do now. We received a small number of cluster metrics via open-source Grafana and Graphite, but in most cases, the data wasn’t enough to pinpoint issues, and the solutions we were using to manage the cluster were rudimentary.”
– Jesse Escobedo, Senior Systems Engineer, Rubicon Project

To get more details on how the Pepperdata solution helped Rubicon Project get the visibility, insights, and efficient cluster management they needed, download the full case study today.