Policy Enforcer

Pepperdata® Policy Enforcer enables Hadoop operators to prioritize the completion of business-critical production applications over ad hoc jobs in multi-tenant clusters with diverse workloads by monitoring the use of all computing resources and takes automated action to ensure that each job, queue, user, or group is given the resources specified in the predefined cluster policy definition.

Policy Enforcer provides performance feedback to the Deploy and Operate phases of the DevOps cycle.

Benefits for Ops

  • Ensure on-time execution of critical jobs to meet Quality of Service (QoS) commitments
  • Support multi-tenancy and allow business-critical production workloads to share a cluster with less critical workloads
  • Provision minimum levels of I/O resources

Benefits for Managers

  • Safely run all workloads and applications on a single cluster

Benefits for Devs

  • Safely run ad hoc jobs without impacting critical workloads

Policy Enforcer ensures that high priority jobs (in purple) get guaranteed access to resources without pre-empting low priority jobs (green and brown).

Certified on All Big Data Distributions

Policy Enforcer is certified on all Big Data distributions including Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and IBM, with support for both MapReduce and Spark. Pepperdata supports clusters running on-premise and in the cloud.