Capacity Optimizer Add-On Module

Capacity Optimizer Add-On Module

Pepperdata® Capacity Optimizer is an optional add-on module that achieves optimal hardware performance by leveraging active resource management features in Hadoop to dynamically tune cluster resources and eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Enabled in Cluster Analyzer, Capacity Optimizer runs continuously to improve the capacity utilization of existing production clusters without manual tuning or intervention. Enterprise deployments typically achieve a 30-50% increase in throughput performance when Capacity Optimizer is enabled.

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The Capacity Optimizer add-on module provides performance feedback to the Deploy and Operate phases of the DevOps cycle.

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Benefits for Ops

  • Run more jobs on your existing cluster
  • Run jobs faster on your existing cluster
  • Automatically reclaim wasted resources

Benefits for Managers

  • Fully utilize your infrastructure investment

Benefits for Devs

  • Access additional cluster capacity
  • Spend less time in the backlog queues

Capacity Optimizer unlocks wasted cluster capacity so you can add up to 50% more work on your existing hardware.

Certified on All Big Data Distributions

The Cluster Analyzer add-on module is certified on all Big Data distributions including Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and IBM, with support for both MapReduce and Spark. Pepperdata supports clusters running on-premise and in the cloud.