Enterprise customers use Pepperdata products and services to troubleshoot performance problems in production, increase cluster utilization, and help developers write and debug Big Data applications. Pepperdata products and services work with customer Big Data systems both on-premise and in the cloud.

Code Analyzer

Code Analyzer for Apache Spark enables Spark application developers to easily identify lines of code and stages that cause performance issues related to CPU, memory, garbage collection, network, and disk I/O.

Cluster Analyzer

Cluster Analyzer provides fine-grained visibility into workloads, down to the task level, to drastically decrease troubleshooting time via the use of the most comprehensive set of correlated big data metrics available.

Application Profiler

Application Profiler provides detailed information on which stages of data pipelines consume what type of resources, including a simple visual understanding of bottlenecks and tuning efficiency suggestions.

Cluster Analyzer for EMR

Cluster Analyzer for Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) monitors the cluster and provides DevOps with important, actionable performance feedback to quickly pinpoint, diagnose, and fix problems.

Capacity Optimizer

Capacity Optimizer leverages active resource management features to dynamically alleviate inefficiencies and bottlenecks without the need for manual job tuning or cluster tuning.