Query Spotlight

Get insightful information on Hive query execution and database performance.

Visibility into Query Performance and Execution

Query Spotlight makes it easy for operators and developers to understand the detailed hive query performance characteristics of their query and workloads together with infrastructure-wide issues that impact these workloads.  

With this new functionality, query workloads can be tuned, debugged and optimized for better performance and reduced costs.

Understand and manage utilization and Hive query performance with a single dashboard that includes time-correlated query views, database and infrastructure metrics, query run summaries, tables accessed, and query plans mapped to execution stages.

Get a quick root cause analysis with detailed visibility into query workloads, including delayed and the most expensive queries, as well as wasted CPU and memory queries.

Monitor technologies and frameworks including your Hive, IBM BigSQL, Redshift, and Snowflake query performance.

Create and Receive Alerts on
Query Health and Performance

In addition to visualizing detailed query information on resource utilization and database views, Query Spotlight enables you to create and receive alerts about queries, remediate issues, and optimize query performance.

Improve your Query Performance with Real Insight eBook

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Highlight hot partitions, outdated table statistics, and other system and storage issues.

Receive notifications about execution plan skew, poorly optimized queries, and historical runtime variance.


Use query data to alert and identify which applications will miss SLAs.

Get Hive-Specific SQL
Query Planning

Query Spotlight enables developers to see Hive-specific SQL query planning and execution information, rapidly ascertain query plan problems, analyze Hive query performance, identify bottlenecks that contribute to slow queries, and speed time to resolution. Operators can quickly narrow down problematic queries in a multi-user environment and use query performance insights to optimize cluster resources and improve productivity.

Hive-Specific SQL Query Performance Tuning and Planning



  • Capture real-time metrics, including CPU usage, database access patterns, runtime, and query history to provide instant reference points and feedback for optimizing performance.
  • Optimize the monitoring and management of on-prem and cloud resources with detailed query cost information.


  • Display lists of top queries: most rows read, most rows written, and most compute-intensive.
  • Summarize query runs, including the number of stages, mappers, and reducers.

Enterprise Organizations

  • Better understand analytics workloads.
  • Improve collaboration between developers and operators who can now share a unified and detailed runtime view of the query environment.
  • Leverage other Pepperdata analytics stack performance products to provide correlated application and infrastructure metrics.

Achieve Big Data Success

Pepperdata products provide a 360° degree view of your platform and applications with continuous tuning, recommendations, and alerting.