360° Platform View

Create a Holistic Source of Performance Truth Across Your Big Data Clusters.

A Single Source of Operational and Performance Truth

Complete Instrumentation of Your
Big Data Ecosystem

Quantify the Impact Apps
have on the Cluster and the Impact
the Cluster has on Apps

Attribute Accurate Costs to Users
and Business Units

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Real-time Platform Tuning

Automatically Recover Wasted Cluster Resources.

Maximize Your Existing Infrastructure Investment

Autoscale Big Data Cluster Resources for Peak Efficiency

Platform Tuning

Platform Recommendations

Create a holistic source of application performance truth across your big data clusters.

Size Queues Appropriately Based on Criticality

Size Containers for Optimal Resource Consumption

Accurately Forecast Resource Needs

Platform Recommendations

Platform Alerting

Create and Receive Alerts that Identify Root Causes.

Identify Who is Blowing Up Your Big Data Cluster

Identify Which Hadoop and Spark Applications Will Miss Their SLAs

Identify Resource Contention on Your Multi-tenant Big Data Platform

Identify Underperforming or Failing Hardware

Platform Alerting