Automatic Tuning and Observability for On-Premises Workloads

Pepperdata products help customers transform the performance of their data centers. Unlike solutions that provide only summary dashboards, Pepperdata automatically scales system resources while providing a detailed and correlated understanding of each application using hundreds of real-time application and infrastructure metrics. This automated approach gives you complete visibility and operational insight into your data center, while enabling you to run more applications. Pepperdata products help you to:

  • Automatically tune your big data stack to deliver the best application performance for even your most challenging workloads.
  • Track spend and accurately attribute spending to business units via chargeback reports.
  • Reduce costs by estimating, analyzing, and optimizing where and when your workloads run.

True Visibility for the Big Data Stack

Pepperdata empowers IT operations teams to achieve real-time visibility and insights into their data center environments, and maximize the capacity of their infrastructure.

Pepperdata products constantly work in the background, gathering and analyzing real-time performance data and other metrics to discover the most ideal configurations to accelerate application performance by up to 50%.

Data Center Performance Products

Platform Spotlight

Diagnose issues and make resource decisions.

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Capacity Optimizer

Run more workloads with continuous tuning.

Streaming Spotlight

Get near real-time visibility into Kafka clusters.

Query Spotlight

Understand query execution and DB performance.

Application Spotlight

Fix application performance issues faster.

Experience True Data Center Performance Optimization

Pepperdata data center products monitor technologies and frameworks including Kafka, Impala, HBase, Hive, MapReduce, Tez, Spark, IBM BigSQL, LLAP, Amazon EMR, and Google Dataproc. Learn more on the Supported Technologies page.

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Pepperdata products provide complete visibility and automation for your big data environment. Get the observability, automated tuning, recommendations, and alerting you need to efficiently and autonomously optimize big data environments at scale.

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