Create a Source of Application Performance Truth Across Your Big Data Workloads

Pepperdata Application Spotlight automatically captures and analyzes performance metrics to provide observability across resource utilization and costs while also providing optimization tuning recommendations. Working with a variety of technologies, including Spark, Hadoop, Impala, Hive, and Kafka to name a few, Application Spotlight enables you to cut troubleshooting time, ensure optimal performance, and maintain SLAs.

Get a Correlated View of Your Apps

Application Spotlight provides you with a comprehensive view of all your data in one place, empowering you to improve efficiency and deliver the best big data application performance. With our unified platform you can:

  • Create self-service access to all of the data on your applications in one place, and distinguish whether performance issues were caused by your application or a symptom of cluster performance.
  • Profile and optimize application performance via recommendations and key performance indicators.
  • Understand exactly what CPU and memory resources your application requested, what it needs, what it used, and what it wasted.
  • Identify the impact that queue congestion, bottlenecks, and hardware failures have on application performance.
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The Application Spotlight dashboard displays the top CPU-wasting apps, top CPU-cost apps, top memory-wasting apps, and more.

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See and drill down into Spark and Impala recommendations.

Optimize Spark and Impala Applications with Recommendations and Alerts

Improve the performance and efficiency of your applications to achieve optimal application performance on multi-tenant systems by configuring alerts and utilizing recommendations. Application Spotlight allows you to:

  • Tune CPU and member reservations based on actual consumption, and get self-service recommendations on container sizes, heap reservations, data partitioning, and serialization.
  • Create and receive alerts about events that interfere with application, query, and stream performance to prevent missed SLAs.
  • Use operational data to alert on duration, amount of data processed, or other milestones. Identify resource bottlenecks, including CPU, memory, and I/O.

Get Deep Insight into Query and Database Performance with Query Spotlight

Query Spotlight provides insightful information on Hive query execution and database performance, so query workloads can be tuned, debugged, and optimized for better performance and reduced costs. Use Query Spotlight to:

  • Gain access to Hive- and Impala-specific plan and execution information.
  • Get quick root cause analysis with detailed visibility into query workloads— including delayed and most expensive queries as well as wasted CPU and memory queries—enabling root cause analysis.
  • Use data about the queries to alert and identify which applications will miss SLAs.
  • Receive notifications about execution plan skew, poorly optimized queries, and historical runtime variance.

Improve Performance with Real Insight Into How Queries are Executing

Learn more about how you can improve query performance using the real insight Pepperdata Query Spotlight provides.

Rely on Real-Time Visibility into Kafka Clusters with Streaming Spotlight

Streaming Spotlight enables IT operations teams to get detailed, near real-time visibility into Kafka cluster metrics, broker health, topics, and partitions within the dashboard. With this data, you can reduce troubleshooting time, ensure optimal performance, and maintain SLAs. Use Streaming Spotlight to:

  • Track Kafka data streaming capacity needs to protect throughput performance.
  • Search Kafka applications running on a cluster, compare metrics from current and previous runs, and visualize for root cause failure analysis and performance tuning.
  • Create actionable alerts for critical, highly granular Kafka performance metrics, such as broker controllers and requests, memory usage, and Kafka partition counts.
  • Automatically identify bottlenecks, failure conditions, and resource usage.

Monitor Application Performance and Run More Efficiently on Amazon EMR

Automatically optimize your big data and deliver superior application performance in the cloud with Pepperdata for Amazon EMR. Application Spotlight is available on AWS Marketplace. In addition to optimizing application performance, get full-stack observability, automated tuning with managed autoscaling, and real-time insights across all of your EMR instances—all in one place. Automatically optimize your big data and deliver superior application performance. Application Spotlight allows you to:

  • Get full-stack observability, automated tuning, and job-specific recommendations for Spark and MapReduce.
  • Use managed autoscaling to automatically optimize node performance and prevent waste by applications. 
  • Customize alerts to quickly understand and troubleshoot application and infrastructure issues.

Zeotap Increases Big Data Application Performance 23.78% with Pepperdata

Zeotap, a data enrichment company, deployed Pepperdata Application Spotlight for resource optimization and increased visibility into their Spark jobs. They experienced immediate results—a 23.78% increase in big data application performance and over $31,000 savings in just over three months.

Benefits for Your Team

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Operation Teams

  • Reduce the number of performance incidents in production.
  • Communicate detailed performance issues back to developers.
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Application Teams

  • Highlight applications that need monitoring.
  • Automatically identify bottlenecks, and alert on duration, failure conditions, and resource usage.
  • Search applications running on a cluster, compare current and previous runs, and visualize for root cause failure analysis and performance tuning.
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Business Teams

  • Improve the communication of performance issues between Dev and Ops teams.
  • Shorten time to production.
  • Increase cluster ROI with application performance monitoring.

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