What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

Data Center Products

Understand and Optimize Your Big Data Performance

Pepperdata automatically optimizes system resources while providing a detailed, correlated understanding of each application using hundreds of application and infrastructure metrics collected in real-time. In the data center, this automated approach gives you complete visibility and insight into your big data stack, and enables you to run more applications.

  • Application Spotlight

    Get a 360° view of all your applications — in the context of the big data cluster — all in one place. 

    • Improved application runtime, predictability, performance and efficiency
    • Improved resource utilization and developer productivity
    • Reduced troubleshooting time
    • Developers aware of cluster events that impact applications

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  • Streaming Spotlight

    Get near real-time visibility into Kafka clusters.

    • Automatically detect and alert on atypical Kafka behavior to prevent data loss
    • Ensures preservation of SLAs for real-time stream processing applications
    • Forecast Kafka data streaming capacity needed to protect throughput performance
    • Correlate infrastructure and application metrics across Kafka, Spark, Hive, Impala, HBase and more

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  • Query Spotlight

    Get deep insight into query execution and database performance.

    • Detailed visibility into query workloads enabling root cause analysis
    • A  single dashboard for a time-correlated view of your query, database and infrastructure metrics to better understand and manage utilization and performance
    • Faster problem resolution through improved visibility and immediate feedback through real-time metrics
    • On premises and cloud resource monitoring, with detailed query cost information
    • Support for Hive, IBM BigSQL, Redshift and Snowflake

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  • Capacity Optimizer

    Run more applications and reduce cost.

    • Infrastructure resource optimization and continuous  tuning
    • On-premises rightsizing
    • Cloud rightsizing
    • Up to 50% throughput increase

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  • Platform Spotlight

    Get a correlated view of cloud and on-premises infrastructure so you can quickly diagnose performance issues and make resource decisions.

    • Detailed visibility in a single pane of glass
Chargeback: detailed usage data for every resource
    • Relevant metrics with real-time access
    • Alarms: real-time alerts for all platform metrics

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Improve Big Data Analytics Stack Performance

Track spend and attribute costs
to users and business units.

Get detailed usage of every resource to generate reports that identify costly users, as well as model cost projections and i