Managing Deployment, Migration, and Monitoring

Tools for Tuning and Optimization

There has been an ongoing surge of companies beginning to run Spark on Kubernetes. In our recently published 2021 Big Data on Kubernetes Report, we discovered that 63% of today’s enterprises are running Spark on Kubernetes. 

The same report found that nearly 80% of organizations embrace Kubernetes to optimize the utilization of compute resources and reduce their cloud expenses. However, running Spark on Kubernetes is not without complications and problems.

Many enterprises cite initial deployment, migration, and monitoring as problematic areas when it comes to Spark on Kubernetes framework. To enjoy the benefits of a Spark on Kubernetes setup, you must be able to smoothly navigate these stumbling blocks with the right tool for monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning, and optimization.

Helping companies navigate the adoption of Spark on Kubernetes is why we created “A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Kubernetes.” Read it to quickly get up to speed on the technology so you can begin achieving your adoption goals.

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