What about Pepperdata Do Users Value?

Surveying Our G2 Awards and Positive User Reviews

G2 is the world’s biggest online marketplace for software vendors and buyers. Trusted by over 5.5 million people, G2 is the go-to place for reliable software comparison and peer reviews. The site helps enterprises and individual users make fully-informed software purchases.

Pepperdata recently received multiple recognitions from G2—a definitive testament to our goal of providing enterprises the most comprehensive and powerful big data stack optimization solutions. With Pepperdata, our users constantly meet their SLAs while keeping big data cloud costs manageable through superior observability, autonomous optimization, and smart resource utilization.

But the biggest highlights are what G2 users say about the Pepperdata solution’s impact on their big data stack performance, massive cost savings, and cloud scalability. As one user said:

“Pepperdata provides insightful details and helpful metrics to monitor cluster performance. The user-friendly interface helps to navigate several details like CPU, Storage Usage, I/O, etc.”

Discover why G2 showered Pepperdata with multiple awards and why G2 users pick Pepperdata as their big data stack optimization solution.

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