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Pepperdata Application Spotlight is a self-service APM solution that provides developers with a holistic and real-time view of their applications in the context of the entire big data cluster, allowing them to quickly identify and fix problems (failed Spark applications, for instance) to improve application runtime, predictability, performance and efficiency.

Application Spotlight APM helps developers to:

  • Improve productivity by reducing troubleshooting time and quickly identifying lines of code that cause performance issues
  • Understand the root cause of runtime errors, especially important for distributed applications since a single underlying error can cause cascading errors
  • Determine whether performance issues are due to the application or other workloads on the cluster
  • Receive actionable recommendations for tuning jobs
  • Validate tuning changes made to applications with before and after comparisons

Pepperdata Big Data Cloud Migration Cost Assessment Benefits

  • Make better-informed, fact-based cloud migration decisions based on the most comprehensive workload performance profiles available – saving significant time and expense

  • Understand the performance characteristics of your workloads to make the right decisions about which specific ones will benefit most from cloud migration

  • Compare instance options and price points across each of the four major cloud service providers to identify the best hybrid cloud strategy

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  • *Pepperdata Application Spotlight is available to enterprises for use in a single cluster with up to 20 nodes.
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