Free Big Data Cloud Migration Cost Assessment

Understand Your Cloud Migration Costs

The Pepperdata Big Data Cloud Migration Cost Assessment identifies the most cost-effective cloud strategy implementation based on your actual workloads. The report analyzes optimal cloud instances across each cloud service provider. In each assessment, Pepperdata:

  • Maps your on-premises cluster and individual workloads

  • Supports instances from AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud

  • Determines your projected monthly cloud costs and automatically analyzes every workload in your cluster

  • Calculates the cloud, CPU, and memory needed for the same performance on your on-prem infrastructure

  • Identifies the most cost-effective vendor instance for each of your workloads based on general-purpose, memory, and CPU utilization

  • Analyzes your actual CPU and memory requirements by workload to determine baseline and burst characteristics and maps these to appropriate static and on-demand instances

Pepperdata Cloud Migration Costs, Utilization and Estimate Reports

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