Free Big Data Cloud Migration Cost Assessment

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The Pepperdata Big Data Cloud Cost Assessment analyzes optimal cloud instances across each cloud service provider including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and IBM Cloud. The report identifies the most cost-effective implementation of your single or hybrid cloud strategy based on your actual workloads. In each assessment, Pepperdata

  • Maps your on-premises cluster and individual workloads to instances that are available from AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud

  • Automatically analyzes every workload in your cluster to determine your projected monthly cloud costs

  • Calculates the cloud, CPU, and memory needed to achieve the same performance and SLAs delivered by your existing on-prem infrastructure

  • Analyzes general purpose, memory and CPU-optimized instance types and identifies the most cost-effective for each of your workloads

  • Analyzes your actual CPU and memory requirements by workload to determine baseline and burst characteristics and map these to appropriate static and on-demand instances

  • Provides graphs that show your on-prem cluster/workload performance profile, as well as all the parameters used in our calculations

Pepperdata Big Data Cloud Migration Cost Assessment Benefits

  • Make better-informed, fact-based cloud migration decisions based on the most comprehensive workload performance profiles available – saving significant time and expense

  • Understand the performance characteristics of your workloads to make the right decisions about which specific ones will benefit most from cloud migration

  • Compare instance options and price points across each of the four major cloud service providers to identify the best hybrid cloud strategy

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