Ensuring IT Transformation Success with Five Steps

IT transformation projects are complex, demanding undertakings. They loop in multiple departments, and various budgetary considerations. 

This is a five-step guide designed to help enterprises and IT transformation teams prepare, plan, and execute their IT transformation strategy. 

In the eBook, we delve deep into the following five principles:

Step 1: Prepare and Strategize

Business leaders, IT heads, CIOs, and other parties involved in the IT transformation project must work together to identify their goals for transformation and formulate strategies based on those goals. It’s important that goals are clear and coherent, performance metrics are standardized, and milestones are established.

Step 2: Leverage Containers and Software-Defined Infrastructures

Containers enable enterprises to elevate virtualization to a higher level of efficiency and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. Applications are deconstructed into loosely-jointed, independent features, allowing for hyper delivery and continuous updating. Additionally, software-defined infrastructures (SDI) eliminate IT issues related to dated infrastructures, including rigidity and high-latency. 

Step 3. Embrace DevOps

DevOps teams constantly seek out ways to align tools, people, resources, and technology, and utilize all these assets to achieve higher level KPIs. In this rapidly changing IT landscape, IT transformation success is made much more likely when you embrace DevOps.

Step 4: Ensure Digital Security

Digital security should be a priority for any digital transformation initiative. The deeper you go into your transformation journey, the more your digital risk profile expands. It’s important that as your enterprise transforms, security transforms alongside it. Considerations of digital risk should not be an add-on; they should be baked in from the beginning.

Step 5: Big Data Applications: Automated Tuning and Optimization Is a Must

Big data already plays a critical role in modern IT. Businesses need big data to power up their processes, streamline their innovation cycles, and speed up decision-making. Big data optimization is a must to achieve initial IT transformation success and to ensure the optimal performance of the IT infrastructure once you’ve migrated.

Pepperdata provides enterprises with automated tuning and optimization for big data stacks, allowing for optimal IT infrastructure performance, great observability, and faster issue resolutions. The Pepperdata suite helps you nail step five of your IT transformation journey.

Ensuring IT Transformation Success with Five Steps

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