Pepperdata Cluster Analyzer for Amazon EMR FAQ


  • I just signed up. What happens next?

    After you sign up, you will see a confirmation page like the one shown in this screenshot:

    1. Within an hour or so after signing up, you will receive an email requesting that you verify the email address used to sign up for an account with Pepperdata.
    2. The verification page will ask you to sign in with the email address and password that you specified at signup.
    3. You will then receive a second email letting you know that the Pepperdata team is reviewing your account details to set up a Pepperdata for EMR account.
    4. You should then receive an account approval email with instructions on setting up your EMR cluster with Pepperdata for EMR.

    Note: Pepperdata only approves accounts with a business email address and a verifiable business name.  If we cannot verify the details that you provide, we will decline your account request and ask that you reapply with verifiable information.

  • How do I run Pepperdata for EMR run on my cluster ?

    The end-to-end flow of Pepperdata for EMR on your cluster is described as follows:

    1. Start your EMR cluster with the custom bootstrap action provided by Pepperdata.
    2. The bootstrap action automatically installs Pepperdata for EMR on the nodes of your cluster at startup.
    3. Pepperdata software starts uploading metrics to the Pepperdata dashboard when they become available.
    4. View the metrics and associated insights related to your EMR run in real time or after the cluster terminates.
    5. Our dashboard automatically detects different instances of your EMR clusters and presents them chronologically for easy comparison and troubleshooting.
  • How do I specify a custom bootstrap action for my EMR cluster?

    Amazon EMR allows customers to start additional software on their cluster when nodes start up using custom bootstrap actions.   You can specify custom bootstrap actions in a number of ways including:

    1. AWS CLI
    2. Using the EMR Console
    3. AWS SDK
  • Why is my custom bootstrap action failing?

    There are two most likely reasons for this:

    1. Incorrect AWS Account ID:  Error message returned by EMR has the phrase “bootstrap action failed because of permissions”.  Your Pepperdata for EMR account is not configure with the ID used to run your EMR cluster.
    2. Custom bootstrap action not configured correctly.
      • Review the approval email and confirm that your custom bootstrap action is configured accurately, including all optional arguments.

    If you have lost your approval email, send an email from your registered email address to with the subject Resend approval email.

  • How do I view the metrics for my EMR cluster?

    Sign in to to view all the metrics collected for your EMR runs.  You need to use the email address and password used to create the Pepperdata for EMR account.

  • Why am I not seeing any metrics on the Dashboard?

    If this is the first time you are running Pepperdata for EMR on your cluster,  note that it can take up to 15 minutes for data to start appearing on the Dashboard.  While the cluster is spinning up and all the Hadoop daemons are starting, metrics are not being uploaded to the Dashboard.

    If you believe the problem is not explained by this answer,  send an email to from your registered email account and describe the issue.

  • Can I use the same Pepperdata for EMR account for different runs of the same workload?

    Yes, please use the same provided EMR bootstrap action each time you run the cluster. The Pepperdata Dashboard will show each cluster separately in the cluster list.

  • Can I use the same Pepperdata for EMR account on different clusters and workloads?

    Yes, please contact and we will provide an additional EMR bootstrap action.  Use the subject heading New workload request to expedite handling.

  • Why do you need my AWS Account ID?

    We need your AWS Account ID  to allow your account access to our software and configure your EMR cluster during cluster startup time.  This does not allow us access to anything in your account unless you have explicitly allowed this.

    You must make sure that the AWS Account ID you provide is the same account used to run your company EMR workloads.  You can access your AWS account ID by going to and copying the account id at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • My question is not included in this FAQ. Where can I get some additional answers?
    No worries. Please submit your questions using the form below. We will send a response to the email you provide and add relevant questions to this FAQ.

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