Today you’re challenged with optimizing your big data applications and infrastructure at scale. Maybe you rely on a couple of monitoring tools like Cloudera Manager or Ambari, for example, but they don’t work together to give you the full picture. Perhaps you’re using a traditional big data APM solution that offers recommendations for applications in isolation, and ignores the effect of real-time cluster workloads on application performance. Pepperdata is different. We take a holistic approach by looking at your applications and how they interact within the context of your big data infrastructure. Then we provide you with a real-time view of your cluster and provide context-aware recommendations to optimize your applications and infrastructure.

A Pep Agent on every node continuously collects hundreds of metrics in real-time across the stack. This unique real data is correlated and powers Platform Spotlight and Application Spotlight. This real-time data also powers auto-tuning for capacity and application performance optimization.

Quickly and easily drill down to any level of your big data stack with Pepperdata’s unique real-time data

Pepperdata instruments every node in your cluster — in the cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises — with an extremely lightweight agent, called a Pep Agent. Every five seconds, Pep Agents collect more than 350 real-time operational metrics from applications and infrastructure resources, including CPU, RAM, disk I/O, and network usage metrics on every job, task, user, host, workflow, and queue.

Using AI and machine-learning, Pepperdata is the only solution that captures and leverages this real-time data to quickly diagnose application and infrastructure problems, automatically tune resources and efficiently schedule jobs. We do all this using only 1% of one core per server. Pepperdata also enables you to create customized real-time alerts on specific behaviors so you immediately know about critical conditions that could affect system performance. The intuitive Pepperdata UI empowers all users, from seasoned IT professionals to developers, to quickly diagnose bottlenecks and tune performance.


Automatically optimize your big data resources with our AI-driven, real-time data

Running in the Pepperdata cloud or on-premises, Pepperdata leverages AI and machine learning to continuously identify resource utilization and automatically adds tasks in real-time to servers that have available resources. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer™ automatically tunes, optimizes and recaptures wasted capacity to run more applications faster, meet demanding SLAs, and get the most out of your infrastructure investment.

With Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer enabled, customers experience up to 50% cluster throughput increase, allowing them to run more jobs.

Get more out of your big data investment with specific recommendations for optimizing your applications and infrastructure

The Pepperdata big data performance solution looks at all of your applications and how they interact within the context of your big data infrastructure to provide a holistic view of what is happening in real time. All of this information is accessible using an intuitive UI. Pepperdata Application Spotlight leverages operational data from Pepperdata Platform Spotlight to make context-aware recommendations for tuning applications in the real world, not in isolation.

Privacy and Protection for Your Sensitive Data

Pepperdata understands your need to maintain cluster security and adhere to compliance requirements. Our Pep Agents only collect telemetry data. They do not collect sensitive data like PII or PHI, and never access your file system.

Unmatched experience and expertise

At Pepperdata, we continuously monitor over 250 customer production clusters with over 30,000 nodes spanning all Big Data distributions and hardware configurations. We monitor over 550 million jobs and collect over 600 trillion data points annually. This vast proprietary data helps to inform best practices as well as application and infrastructure performance management. Our extensive experience with Fortune 1000 clusters provides invaluable insight for selecting the best hardware and software stack.


Pepperdata Shines a Light Into Big Data Healthcare Cluster

Philips Wellcentive fixed the root cause of a critical performance issue within days of installing Platform Spotlight. Their Hadoop cluster achieved a significant increase in cluster performance throughput. Jobs completed on time and SLAs were met. The technical team returned to focusing on their core initiatives, streamlining operations, and meeting revenue targets.

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