YARN static scheduling wastes cluster resources. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer increases throughput up to 50% by leveraging AI-driven resource management to automatically tune cluster resources and recapture wasted capacity.

Maximize your existing big data infrastructure investment

Increase hardware utilization and eliminate or reduce millions of dollars in hardware costs.

Autoscale Hadoop cluster resources for peak efficiency

Rightsize resource allocation based on actual real-time capacity.

Works with existing YARN scheduler

Be confident that all your YARN capabilities will remain intact.

Identify applications reading and writing small files and improve HDFS performance

Improve system scalability by determining which applications and users are reading and writing small files, impacting the overall performance of your HDFS environment.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Demonstrably improves throughput.
  • Reduces backlog.

Pepperdata can help you achieve big data success with a proven APM solution that provides a 360° degree view of your platform and your applications, with real time tuning, recommendations, and alerting. Request a trial today!

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