You need faster, more efficient Spark applications to meet your SLAs. Pepperdata provides you with all the necessary data from your application as well as the Hadoop cluster enabling you to make quick decisions. Additionally, Pepperdata automatically tunes applications that are repetitive for either resource efficiency or runtime.

A single source for application performance data in the context of your big data cluster

Self-service access to all of the data on your applications in one place. The ability to distinguish whether performance issues were caused by your application or other applications on the cluster.

AI-driven optimization of recurring applications

Recurring applications account for a substantial portion of workload. These applications frequently need to meet constantly changing SLAs. Pepperdata auto-tunes configurations to optimize resource utilization or runtime.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Improves runtime of applications.
  • Improves resource utilization.

Request a trial to see firsthand how Pepperdata big data solutions can help you achieve big data performance success. Pepperdata’s proven APM solutions provide a 360° degree view of both your platform and applications, with realtime tuning, recommendations, and alerting. See and understand how Pepperdata big data performance solutions helps you to quickly pinpoint and resolve big data performance bottlenecks. See for yourself why Pepperdata’s big data APM solutions are used to manage performance on over 30K Hadoop production nodes.

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