Application Alerting

Create and receive alerts about events that interfere with Spark application performance.

You submit your Hadoop query. Now what? You have no insight into when it starts running, if there are delays, and if it’s going to finish. In addition to surfacing performance bottlenecks, Pepperdata allows you to create alerts on specific behaviors and outcomes so you know when an application is at risk of failure.

Identify Hadoop cluster bottlenecks

Use Pepperdata’s rich data to identify any resource bottleneck, including CPU, memory, IO and more.

Identify application bottlenecks

Use Pepperdata’s data to pinpoint straggling tasks or poor parallelization that can significantly impact runtime.

Identify applications at risk of missing their SLAs

Use Pepperdata’s data to alert on thresholds such as duration, amount of data processed or other milestone.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Improves application runtime predictability.
  • Informs developers of cluster events that impact applications.

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