You’re using different big data monitoring solutions to understand your Hadoop clusters and you don’t have an accurate picture. Platform Spotlight gives you a 360° cluster view. Pepperdata cluster performance monitoring continuously collects data about your big data clusters, hosts, queues, users, applications, and all relevant resources. This unique data and the way that it is visualized in Platform Spotlight enable you to quickly diagnose Hadoop performance issues up to 90% faster while making resource decisions based on user priorities and needs.

A single source of operational and performance truth

Pepperdata cluster performance monitoring  gives you all relevant real-time and historical information about your cluster including system demand, abusive users, and wasteful applications, as well as queue and container sizes. Drill down or zoom out to analyze any big data app to understand its performance in the context of the entire multi-tenant cluster.

Complete instrumentation of your big data ecosystem

Monitor any process including Kafka, Impala, HBase, Hive, MapReduce, Tez, Spark, IBM BigSQL, LLAP and more.

Quantify the impact that big data applications have on your cluster

Identify the impact that applications have on cluster-wide resources such as CPU, disk, memory, network, NameNode and HDFS.

Quantify the impact your Hadoop cluster has on applications

Identify which application slowdowns were caused by disk, network or node failures/congestion.

Attribute accurate costs to cluster users and business units

Pepperdata provides you with detailed utilization of every cluster resource, which when combined with your cost model, generates the most accurate reports of which users and business units are the most costly.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Reduced mean time to problem resolution.
  • Improved productivity for developers and operations staff.
  • Accurate understanding of the most expensive users.

Request a trial to see firsthand how Pepperdata big data solutions can help you achieve big data performance success. Pepperdata’s proven APM solutions provide a 360° degree view of both your platform and applications, with realtime tuning, recommendations, and alerting. See and understand how Pepperdata big data performance solutions helps you to quickly pinpoint and resolve big data performance bottlenecks. See for yourself why Pepperdata’s big data APM solutions are used to manage performance on over 30K Hadoop production nodes.

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