360° Application View

You’re constantly looking at different tools to understand application performance and you don’t have an accurate picture. With Application Spotlight, you get a 360° view of your Hadoop and Spark applications in one place with their context cluster-wide. Pepperdata continuously collects data about your applications and infrastructure resources – unique data that enables you to quickly diagnose big data application performance issues up to 90% faster.

Self-service access to your Spark application performance data

Streamline the effort to profile and optimize Spark application performance via recommendations and key performance indicators.

Complete instrumentation of your Spark application

Fine-tune your big data applications by understanding exactly what CPU and memory resources it requested, what it needs, what it used, and what it wasted.

Quantify the impact your Hadoop cluster has on application performance

Identify the impact that queue congestion and hardware bottlenecks and failures have on your big data application performance.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Improves performance and efficiency of applications.
  • Provides automatic error diagnoses to reduce troubleshooting time.

Rubicon Project Improves Performance and
Streamlines Automated Advertising Solution

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight gave Rubicon Project, a leading technology company that automates the process of buying and selling of advertising for advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies, the granular visibility they needed to quickly pinpoint, troubleshoot, and resolve problems in their Hadoop cluster.

I develop a lot of complex Spark code to perform ETL on Hadoop clusters. In these complex, large-scale systems, you must be able to understand where the performance bottlenecks are. Pepperdata Application Spotlight gives developers detailed time-series performance data for things like CPU, JVM memory, and I/O usage overlaid against Spark job stages. I’m excited about the direction Pepperdata is moving — letting developers quickly see problems in time-series views and tie them back to their actual Spark application code will be a very useful tool for developers working on production Spark applications.- Software Engineer at Stripe and Pepperdata Technology Advisory Board Member
“Chartboost is the world’s largest mobile games-only advertising platform, reaching one billion active players around the world every month. Chartboost utilizes Apache Spark on large Amazon EC2 Hadoop clusters for machine learning and ETL workflows. Understanding Spark application performance in these complex environments is always a challenge. As a current user of Pepperdata Platform Spotlight, it has been great to work with Pepperdata on the development of the Application Spotlight self-service portal software. It will give us a comprehensive insight into Spark jobs.”- Manager of Data Engineering at Chartboost

Pepperdata can help you achieve big data success with a proven APM solution that provides a 360° degree view of your platform and your applications, with real time tuning, recommendations, and alerting. Request a trial today!

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