Board Members, Advisors, and Investors

Board Members and Advisors

  • Ed Cluss
    Ed is a partner with Signia Venture Partners and board member of Nativo, Cie Games and Joy & Revelry. He served as CEO of InfoGear Technologies (original iPhone) and then as a VP and GM at Cisco from 1997 through 2001. From 1987 to 1995, Ed helped build startup Aspect Telecommunications into a profitable public company and served as Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development. Ed holds B.S. and M.S. Engineering degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
  • James McLean
    Jim is the founder of Silicon Valley Data Capital and a co-founder of Silicon Valley Data Science. Previously, he was a Venture Partner at Crosslink Capital and has Board seats at Ayla, Coraid (observer), and 365 Main. Prior to joining Crosslink, Jim was the head of US investing for 3i Ventures, a global venture capital fund. Jim’s track record in the venture industry spans nearly two decades with experience at several of the industry’s leading firms. Before 3i, he was a Partner at ComVentures. Previously, he was a founder of Bedrock Capital Partners where he led the Information Technology practice. Prior to Bedrock, he served as a Partner at Highland Capital Partners and as an Associate at Accel Partners.
  • Greg Sands
    Prior to founding Costanoa, Greg Sands was a Managing Director at Sutter Hill, where he invested in early stage enterprise software startups, such as Merced Systems, AllBusiness, Youku, Quinstreet, and Feedburner. Greg was the first product manager at Netscape Communications where he wrote the initial business plan, coined the name Netscape, and built the SuiteSpot Business unit from $0-$140M. Greg also served as a business development manager at Cisco where he architected a channel management plan.
  • Peter Wagner
    Peter is a Founding Partner of Wing. He has led investments in dozens of early stage companies, more than 25 of which have gone on to complete IPOs or successful acquisitions. Before founding Wing, Peter helped lead Accel Partners for 15 years as Managing Partner. Prior to joining Accel, Peter was a manager at Silicon Graphics, previously worked with McKinsey and Company, and began his career as a physicist working in nuclear fusion research and aerospace. Peter holds an A.B. in Physics from Harvard College, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.


  • Citi Ventures
    Citi Ventures accelerates innovation at Citi by venture capital investing, rapid experimentation in its global lab network, and driving growth initiatives across Citi.
  • Costonoa Ventures
    Costonoa Ventures has helped hundreds of startups go to market, achieve product-market-fit, and become successful. They focus on early-stage companies because it’s where they have the most impact. They invest mostly in SaaS infrastructure and marketplaces because they believe they change how business gets done.
  • Signia Venture Partners
    Signia Venture Partners Signia Venture Partners is a unique early-stage venture fund dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs build impactful, world-changing, and iconic companies. Signia operates as co-founders and investors in five key areas: mobility, enterprise, education, e-commerce, and data and in new disruptive technologies.
  • Silicon Valley Data Science
    Silicon Valley Data Science is a data science consulting company specializing in agile and business-focused solutions.
  • Webb Investment Network
    WIN’s goal is to invest in companies that aim to change the world, particularly in the fields of cloud computing, enterprise software, mobile, marketplaces, e-commerce, crowdsourcing, and consumer Internet.
  • Wing Venture Capital
    Wing Venture Partners is a venture capital firm specializing in investments in seed/start-ups, early stage, and growth capital. It prefers to invest in business technology companies operating in enterprise, cloud computing, mobility, mobile technology, and data technology areas.


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