Cloud Migration – Opportunities and Risks for the Business Unit

Cloud Migration – Opportunities and Risks for the Business Unit White Paper

The business case for cloud migration is compelling: cost reductions, ease of growth and expansion, outsourcing of infrastructure and maintenance, and improved access to the latest technologies. However, many organizations that are migrating to the cloud focus on technical factors and overlook the broader business implications of their projects.

As a best practice, assessing the opportunities and risks for the organization should be a joint effort led by the IT and business unit teams. At the highest level, a business justification focuses on the return on investment (ROI) associated with a proposed technical change. However, many supporting data points are required to populate the formula and achieve a realistic calculation.

This white paper discusses the key business expectations associated with cloud migration, business considerations that should be included in any cloud migration plan, and the opportunities and risk factors that every business should be aware of before embarking on a cloud migration transformation.