Clearsense Case Study (PDF)

Clearsense Relies on Pepperdata to Ensure Uptime
and Performance for Its Life-Saving Healthcare Platform

“There is no tolerance for downtime in healthcare, which is why we bought Pepperdata. We started using Pepperdata on day one because Pepperdata instruments and monitors the resources as well as the applications running on the Clearsense Platform.

No else does that. We couldn’t do what we do without Pepperdata,”

–Dr. Charles Boicey, Clearsense Chief Innovation Officer



On the Clearsense Platform, healthcare organizations rely on life-saving applications such as predictive algorithms for cardiac arrest and sepsis, which notify caregivers and healthcare providers that such an event may happen. With zero tolerance for downtime, Clearsense needed a complete APM solution.


Unlike other solutions, Pepperdata APM instruments and monitors both the applications and the resources for the life-saving Clearsense Platform.


  • Pepperdata ensures uptime and performance for the life-saving Clearsense Platform.
  • Pepperdata automatically tunes Clearsense resources and applications to increase throughput and recapture wasted capacity.
  • Clearsense leverages Pepperdata recommendations to optimize capacity by rightsizing containers, queues and other resources.
  • Custom real-time alerts quickly identify underperforming hardware and pinpoint applications that are at risk of failure.
  • Pepperdata enables Clearsense to make informed decisions aroundcapacity and resource requirements.