You may know Pepperdata as the world’s only provider of real-time, autonomous cloud cost optimization. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer can be installed in under an hour in most enterprise environments and goes to work immediately slashing your cloud costs with our patented resource optimization algorithms.

Battle tested and hardened in some of the world’s most demanding enterprises for the last decade, Capacity Optimizer reduces your application costs by eliminating waste and maximizing resource utilization, eliminating the need for tedious manual tuning of batch applications.

And now? Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer extends our patented, real-time, continuous cost optimization to microservices! Because we know that if you’ve got microservices, chances are that you’re overpaying for them. On average, typical microservices are overprovisioned by 30 to 50 percent or sometimes more. This adds up to a lot of unused capacity and extra expenditure. 

Potential and realized savings from CONG

For example, a 45% overprovisioned environment that requires $10K of microservices resources per month will cost you an extra $37K per year. Multiply that by 10 clusters and you’re looking at well over a quarter of a million dollars in waste.  

Pepperdata’s automated solution can help you eliminate all the underlying waste in your applications and deliver you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re extracting the most value from your microservices infrastructure.

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Easy to install, safe to operate

Once you install Pepperdata on your cluster, it goes to work acting like a turbocharged Vertical Pod Autoscaler, automatically adjusting the CPU and memory requests of your pods optimally close to the actual usage of your services. As you can see in this video, the pod resource requests start out rather high, which creates a huge amount of waste when you consider the difference between that static resource request line and the variability of your actual resource usage, which trends much lower.

Pepperdata then goes to work aligning the pod resource requests with actual usage, dropping that resource request line to better match the specific usage levels of your applications, eliminating all that waste!

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer not only packs more pods on your nodes, it is also node aware. That means that Capacity Optimizer reduces your resource waste while constantly monitoring the node to keep it at the optimal resource usage level. This real-time node awareness ensures the safety of each node, ensuring that no node is ever put under resource pressure because of Pepperdata. Capacity Optimizer is uniquely able to keep your nodes—and your usage levels—in their safe, optimal sweet spot.

The Pepperdata Secret Sauce

You may hear about optimization solutions from other vendors, but there is a difference. Most other solutions offer platform-level cost savings. There’s nothing wrong with optimizing your Reserved Instance or Savings Plan purchases or using a dashboard for observability and recommendations. Employ these strategies or similar tools, and you’ll save some, but unfortunately you will still be leaving money on the table. Only Pepperdata uniquely operates at the service level to automatically adjust node usage in real time to ensure that your microservices request only the resources they require.

This may seem like a lot, so let’s summarize Pepperdata’s unique differentiators, all those things you’ll get from Pepperdata and nowhere else:

Nobody else can make this combination of claims—or delivers on it!

So, what are you waiting for? Capacity Optimizer requires no manual changes to your application code or platform settings and can be installed in under an hour in most enterprise environments. Don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts so you too can experience the unfettered savings of automated microservices optimization!

 Apply the Sauce and Reduce the Cost!

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