The Internet of Things has been one of those hot topics that started to be bandied about a few years back but was still to be seen if it would turn into anything tangible, and more than hype. However, over the past few years the incredible growth of devices such as mobile phones, wearables, RFID systems, appliances, sensors, etc. has shown us that indeed, the Internet of Things is here and not only that — but it is growing the demand for applications to manage this huge amount of streaming data.

So now that IoT is driving adoption of Hadoop and other open source technologies such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark, what is next for taking advantage of IoT? Here at Pepperdata, we believe that real-time insight into your data and applications is going to be fundamental to benefitting from the competitive advantage that IoT introduces.

As one industry expert noted earlier this year,
Even for one application, the magnitude of the challenge is still daunting when one considers the combination of requirements needed to store, process and manage new sensor and device data in real-time.” ( This is exactly where we see a lot of customers seeing immediate value from our software — the ability to see in real time what is going on in their cluster (and at a deep level — job, user, and task level) as well as the automation of cluster resources. When YARN sets a “ceiling” on cluster capacity, Pepperdata can see the true usage, and optimize jobs to go where there is “extra” capacity. This, coupled with the ability to assign priority to certain users and jobs, allows enterprises to guarantee SLAs in production environments for the first time. For organizations who rely on processing massive amounts of IoT data for the success of their business, this is truly a game-changer.

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