Because they lack real-time performance data on their application utilization and provisioning, enterprises using cloud or hybrid infrastructures are overprovisioning. The outcome? Millions of dollars wasted on resources they don’t even use.

Pepperdata users benefit from powerful, actionable, real-time performance data. This 360-degree visibility empowers them in their troubleshooting, debugging, and planning. With demonstrated expertise in real-time performance data collection and presentation, Pepperdata has saved Fortune 100 companies millions of dollars in cost while increasing their customers’ application throughput considerably.

Some of these Fortune companies that have realized big performance boosts and millions in savings include:

  • A Fortune 500 Global Travel services company, which has saved about $3.9 million dollars in hardware costs, whilst gaining a 30% increase in compute – helping to reduce their footprint and management complexity.
  • A Fortune 100 Retail company who saved more than $10 million in infrastructure spend and gained a 30% improvement in throughput. Additionally, their mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) shot down by 92%.
  • Another Fortune 100 company, this time in the Telecommunications industry, saved 50% on their hardware spend. Not only that: they save at least $7.5 million daily from their cloud services, and have brought down their MTTR by 94%.

Find more of these companies in the infographic at the end of this post, or read more about our other customers’ successes here.

With Pepperdata, you are provided with the tools to:

Pepperdata is dedicated to helping our customers cut costs and increase efficiency via the proper use of real-time performance data. To find out how Pepperdata can automate the big data and cluster performance tuning of your system resources, and offer true big data optimization, try Pepperdata for free here

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