Great news for Pepperdata users. Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) has awarded Pepperdata its Cloudera Connect Technical Certification. This certification follows an extensive series of tests and validation. We are delighted that Pepperdata is now certified to work seamlessly and smoothly with the fantastic tool that is CDP.

Messages from the CEOs

“Our customers are migrating to CDP to unify their data platforms. This gives them the flexibility they need to manage very complex workloads across all their platforms, both on premises and in the cloud,” says Ash Munshi, our CEO here at Pepperdata. “Pepperdata gives them observability and automated tuning across their big data stack so they can run more applications, track spend, and manage costs.”

“With Cloudera Connect Technical Certifications, our partners can unlock the potential of the enterprise data cloud to drive the most valuable and transformative use cases for companies,” said Gary Green, vice president of strategic partnerships at Cloudera. “Cloudera customers can say yes to any analytic workload from the Edge to AI, knowing that they will have skilled resources, business solutions, and integrations from the Cloudera partner ecosystem available to them.”

What Pepperdata Brings to the Table

The Pepperdata big data stack solution adds value to organizations by giving Big Data teams, IT departments, and developers real-time visibility into their big data stack—of the kind that traditional data monitoring tools just can’t deliver. This comprehensive, 360-degree view enables quick, effective, dynamic, and timely troubleshooting, debugging, and planning. It also means continuous tuning of applications and infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance across the big data stack for all our clients.

The Impact of CPD Certification

Cloudera’s machine learning feature automatically scales workloads across the cloud infrastructure up and down, with each scale based on the latest available data. This translates to the most optimal cloud infrastructure performance per every workload, process, or app, while keeping costs manageable.

CDP offers Pepperdata users a whole new approach to enterprise data, anywhere from the Edge to AI. With CPD, operations are simplified, and onboarding new cases across the whole enterprise is faster and smoother.

By unifying both the Pepperdata Enterprise Suite and CDP, users not only see the whole picture of their big data stack in real time but they can also manage and secure data in any environment. In multiple places—public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, bare metal—users can do more with their data now than ever before.

The partnership between Pepperdata and Cloudera also enables organizations to derive robust service analytics across multiple cloud and hybrid environments. Users can further maximize the value of their data from the Edge and all the way into the cloud.

What does this mean for Pepperdata users? They gain high-quality insights from data-intensive applications. They gain the ability to utilize data in multiple cloud settings, giving organizations more flexibility without hurting governance and security.

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