What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

Observability is an integral aspect of managing your big data applications and systems. However, many people are unclear as to what observability actually is, or what makes it so important when optimizing infrastructure. Others mistake observability as simply monitoring.

To help people understand why observability is vital in today’s big data world, Heidi Carson, Product Management at Pepperdata, led this fascinating webinar. In the webinar, she explained the challenges that observability solves, took a look at observability vs monitoring, and shared how Pepperdata can help companies achieve big data optimization.


What is observability?


Observability vs monitoring: What’s the difference?


How do observability tools help IT teams find issues within applications or workloads?


How can the Pepperdata Suite help?


What level of network, machine, or application is the hardest to instrument?


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