How to Identify Trends, Maximize Spend and Reclaim Waste in your Big Data Cluster  

IT spending in 2018 in North America was estimated by Gartner to be $1.23 trillion. In today’s continuously competitive environment, enterprises need to make these investments count. Operations needs to make informed purchasing decisions to ensure they are optimizing infrastructure resources and continually improving application performance. Last week we unveiled Pepperdata 360° Reports, designed to help them do just that.

Leveraging the hundreds of metrics we continually collect, Pepperdata correlates this data into reports that can be used for capacity planning, chargeback and resource management. Our customers use Pepperdata 360° Reports to understand what they’re spending, uncover where wasted capacity can be reclaimed, and learn where adjustments can be made to save money, maximize capacity and improve application performance. Following are five 360° Reports available with Pepperdata Platform Spotlight.

Capacity Optimizer Report

This report gives operators insight into memory and money saved by leveraging Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer to dynamically recapture wasted capacity. (Sample graphs below.)

Memory and money saved with Capacity Optimizer

Memory Uplift with Capacity Optimizer

Application Waste Report
This report compares memory requested with actual utilization so operators can change resource reservation parameters and optimize resources.

Application Type Report
This report gives operators insight on the technologies used across the cluster and the percentage of each (Spark, MapReduce, etc.) in order to make more data-driven investment decisions.

Default Container Size Report
This report identifies jobs using the default container size and where any waste has occurred so operators can save money by making default adjustments.

Pepperdata Usage Report
This presents operators with insights on their Pepperdata dashboard usage data so they can maximize their investment. Using insights about top users, days used, and more, operators can identify activities to grow the user base, such as promoting features, scheduling onboarding sessions, and conducting training on specific features (such as custom alarms).

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