Different industry verticals have seen vastly different adoption rates of big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark. The healthcare industry, in particular, has seen tremendous interest in big data platforms, but also challenges in the deployment of such technologies. One survey of healthcare organizations found that a majority of respondents anticipated big data being a key part of their success in the next few years, however fewer than 30% had the right skill sets to take advantage of such technologies. Pepperdata recently held a webcast which talked specifically about this gap in skillsets, and how healthcare organizations can use technology to fill it.

Healthcare organizations today want to use data to improve patient care, achieve early diagnosis, and accelerate research discoveries. However,much has been said about the unreliability of Hadoop as well as the performance challenges that often occur in production environments. For a vertical like technology, a missed SLA could mean that customer service is less than idea. But in an industry like healthcare, a missed SLA could mean that patient treatment is compromised and that can mean life or death.

out our webcast to hear from experts in the Hadoop and Healthcare fields discuss the potential of big data technologies and learn specific actions you can take to address the skills gap and manage your big data environments most effectively.

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