Picking the right AWS instance is challenging because you have to match the ever-changing resource usage patterns of your apps with the 500+ AWS instance types, and the result is over-provisioning and waste. Nearly one-third of businesses exceed their cloud budgets by as much as 40%, in part due to poorly sized instances.

Pepperdata Instance Optimizer is an exciting new feature that supports your FinOps efforts by recommending optimal AWS instance types for your EKS (Kubernetes) workloads that enable you to recover that waste and slash your cloud costs. 

Instance Optimizer analyzes the historical utilization of the CPU and memory of your workloads, applies a machine learning algorithm that sorts through the 500+ AWS instance types, and finds the instance type that is the best fit for your workload’s needs.

Early findings show that Instance Optimizer delivers up to a 40% cost reduction while preserving the same level of performance. This number represents a cost that you and your DevOps team can recover by switching your workloads to a rightsized instance type chosen specifically for the unique characteristics of your workloads.

Instance Optimizer makes no changes to your cluster. Perform side-by-side comparisons of instance types to estimate performance and cost savings and choose one or more instance types to implement at your convenience. 

Instance Optimizer UI


Instance Optimizer is a new feature that is under development. Please join our Instance Optimizer early access program and provide us feedback on Instance Optimizer! In return, you’ll get early access and recover waste at no additional cost to you beyond your regular cloud bill. 

Early access to Instance Optimizer kicks off with a 15-minute session to install Instance Optimizer. Sign up here. If you are a current Pepperdata customer, please contact your Account Manager. We’ll be here to help you every step of the way. We look forward to your feedback!

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