Joel Stewart, VP of Customer Success at Pepperdata, on how Query Spotlight drastically improves the management and optimization of databases, tables, and queries in a distributed query platform–instantly reducing operating costs in the process.

Thankfully, Pepperdata Query Spotlight is a significant step forward for managing and optimizing all the databases, tables, and queries on a distributed query platform.

I have worked in big data and application optimization for years. One of the consistent features of the landscape throughout that time? Query workloads. More specifically, constantly troubleshooting and managing distributed query platforms.

For as long as I can remember, queries have been at the center of the enterprise data center. Queries remain critical to companies today, as technology has matured and evolved into distributed query platforms such as Hive, Redshift, and Snowflake. Every customer that I work with is using queries in their big data analytics stack. Customers are forecasting growth in both the number of queries they run and the amount of data stored in their distributed query platforms. 

As the systems and queries become more complex, businesses continue to demand optimized performance and faster results. To achieve these goals, database administrators and query authors spend a lot of time optimizing their architecture, data partitioning, indices, and query syntax. 

But: Even with all this time investment, the multi-tenant nature of today’s distributed query platforms often produces inconsistent performance. This leaves customers challenged to troubleshoot performance issues.

Enterprises need a solution.

Thankfully, Pepperdata Query Spotlight drastically improves the management and optimization of databases, tables, and queries in a distributed query platform.  

In Query Spotlight, database administrators and query authors are able to gain a holistic view of their databases, tables, and queries across the entire system. 

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It’s easy to identify which tables are being utilized the most, and at what time of day with Query Spotlight. Users can troubleshoot performance issues of individual queries with greater ease including visibility to the query’s execution today and historically. 

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Recommendations are also made directly from Pepperdata to help simplify the process of troubleshooting query performance. The platform includes insightful recommendations about updating partitioning. 

Pepperdata customers have found tremendous value in being able to easily view and understand the entire workload on their distributed query platform. Additionally, the details available for each individual query offer excellent insight into a query’s execution. This can be used to verify a query’s performance and is ideal or to be able to identify opportunities for further optimization. 

With Query Spotlight, customers are seeing their distributed query platforms reduce their overall execution times, which directly saves operating costs in any consumption-based cost structure (ie. almost every cloud environment!). 

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