What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

What is Scalability in Cloud Computing

One of the world’s largest Online Travel Agencies (OTA) uses Pepperdata application and infrastructure performance management solutions to continuously optimize their Hadoop-based distributed computing environment. With more than 650 nodes, the customer’s installation ranks as one of the larger Hadoop clusters in existence.  Our customer relies on this big data platform to deliver reliable and timely predictive marketing analytics. Thousands of airline, hotel, and other travel service partners leverage the massive amount of real-time data that is captured and analyzed by our customer, enabling them to offer their users the best possible recommendations on accommodation, airfares, car rentals and more.

OTAs are third-party booking websites that offer travelers an easy-to-search database of travel services and providers. Most travel and hospitality providers offer their inventory via OTAs, giving the consumer a one-stop-shop for comparative shopping. Within the travel industry segment, online travel bookings are growing twice as fast as the overall market.

Market Growth Rewards the Business But Challenges IT Ops

While the steadily increasing OTA market share is a boon to our customer’s business, it also has the effect of increasing workloads and generating infrastructure capacity challenges for their IT Operations team. Our customer’s technology director is responsible for the performance and reliability of the Hadoop platform and ensuring that data renders on time and delivers accurate marketing predictions that can directly impact daily revenues.

Our customer was faced with distributed computing infrastructure slowdowns because of limited compute (CPU and memory) resources. Jobs were running long, because while storage on the cluster wasn’t an issue, computing was.  After researching solutions to address the compute resource issues, our customer realized that the only products that could help them optimize their under-utilized Hadoop cluster resources were Platform Spotlight