Peppedata ends 2021 on a very strong note as a premiere solution for providing visibility and automation for your big data stack. Among the highlights of this year’s run are a few recognitions from our friends at G2. The site gets 5.5 million visits every month from people and enterprises that are looking for reliable solutions that meet both their needs and budget.

As the biggest and most trusted marketplace for software vendors and consumers, any award from G2 is always a cause for celebration. And G2 consistently named Pepperdata a High Performer, particularly in the Application Performance Monitoring, Cloud Cost Management, and Big Data Processing and Distribution categories.

But what delights us the most are the reviews from the G2 users who use our products—the ones who need comprehensive, reliable, and powerful big data stack observability and optimization to meet their SLAs and achieve optimal performance.

Superior Visibility for Big Data Stacks

It’s important for IT teams and developers to closely monitor application performance. For many G2 users, comprehensive monitoring combined with superior observability sets Pepperdata apart from other big data monitoring and optimization tools. With such capabilities, G2 users say they are able to use the visibility of their big data stack to maximize ROI.

One validated reviewer who is also a data engineer said,

Big data stack

Pepperdata also helps to optimize the cluster settings to ensure enhanced resource management.

With Spark as the processing engine of choice for large data sets, Pepperdata helps enterprises track their Spark apps and make sure every application, workload, and node is performing at an optimum level.

This verified G2 user is certainly benefitting from Pepperdata as his monitoring solution for Spark:

Big data stack

Another user described Pepperdata as the “perfect tool to monitor the production servers.” He further detailed how our data-powered visualization provided their organization a clear picture of their servers’ performance.

He also loved how they can create custom alerts in the event of any threshold breaches.

Big Cost Savings

Among the chief problems of running big data architecture is the cost. According to our 2021 Big Data Cloud survey, 64% of enterprises struggled with “cost management and containment” when using big data technologies and applications.

In the world of big data and computing, compute resources mean money. Poor monitoring and a lack of visibility lead to the ineffective tuning of your big data architecture. This then results in unoptimized compute resource allocation and utilization.

For many G2 users, our comprehensive full-stack monitoring, visibility, and autonomous optimization all help improve resource allocation and utilization. This then translates to bigger cost savings than ever. Here’s what a couple of verified G2 reviewers had to say about it:

Big data stack
Big data stack

Unhindered Scalability

The influx of big data increases in both traffic and volume. A scalable big data platform enables enterprises to quickly adapt to the fast changes stemming from the constant growth of data. Being able to immediately scale on demand to increase the compute and storage of data is key for enterprises to continue optimally operating their apps and processes.

It’s crucial for enterprises to be able to implement scalability precisely before performance issues arise. Inability to scale on demand can lead to severe performance issues, which then can negatively affect the workflow speed, operational efficiency, resource utilization, and—ultimately—the organization’s bottom line.

Scalability is one key feature Pepperdata provides its users, and many G2 users agree. Pepperdata allows you to scale when needed, powered by the most ideal configurations. Our G2 users said it themselves, Pepperdata helps ensure that their SLAs are met while still keeping their spend manageable.

Big data stack

Another reviewer praised the Pepperdata solution’s “ability to intercept AWS scaling requests.”

Inspired to Be Better

We like to think that the various recognitions G2 gave us in 2021 are all validations of our hard work—that we provide our customers with the solution to optimize the performance of their big data stack, meet their SLAs, keep their spending under control, and contribute to their success.

But it’s the people’s stories of how our products impact their organization’s performance that fuel us to be better. With these positive insights directly from the users themselves, we draw inspiration to constantly bring them a product they can fully count on now and in the future.

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