Everyone wants to optimize their big data applications so that their infrastructure operates more effectively. But in the quest to get large enterprise, multi-tenant systems running as efficiently as possible, there are really only two methods: manual tuning and automatic tuning.

manual tuning vs automated tuning infographic

To ensure tech stacks are operating at an optimal level, businesses need to constantly tune them using the best configurations possible.

The tuning of big data stacks and applications used to be in the realm of human capability. But with the arrival of the cloud, tech stacks have grown exponentially more complicated. Large enterprises are using multi-tenant systems to run far more jobs and more processes.

More processes and jobs are running on big data clusters, and they require constant tuning. Manually tuning each cluster means spending a significant amount of time analyzing data from various sources to determine the most optimal tuning configurations. This manual tuning requires going through and evaluating millions of possible configurations. And by the time an ideal configuration is discovered, it’s outdated and useless. Implementing such a configuration will only deliver subpar results. 

Simply put, manual tuning is not just impractical. It’s impossible.

This is where continuous, automated tuning comes in. Leveraging advanced big data monitoring and application performance management solutions like Pepperdata removes the manual work of gathering and understanding performance data. The Pepperdata platform analyzes all the essential data, discovers the best tuning configurations, and instantly implements improvements.

With Pepperdata, the performance of big data stacks and clusters are automatically optimized. On top of this, users get a comprehensive picture of their infrastructure and drill down to the minutest performance details of their applications. By implementing continuous, automated tuning with Pepperdata, enterprises and their DevOps teams simplify and streamline performance management and maintenance of their big data stacks and applications, increase throughput, run more jobs, and eliminate costs.

Do you want to know how Pepperdata can optimize your big data infrastructure and maximize all its benefits? Contact us today or apply for a free trial to experience the Pepperdata advantage firsthand.

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