This week’s Strata conference in San Francisco will bring together science and business fundamentals to help businesses build a solid foundation for their artificial intelligence (AI) strategies and machine learning initiatives. We are looking forward to the deep dive sessions on emerging data science techniques and technologies, including case studies, in-depth tutorials and best practices.

Sessions at this event have been added by program chairs Doug Cutting (chief architect at Cloudera and founder of Apache Hadoop), Ben Lorica (chief data scientist, O’Reilly) and entrepreneur Alistair Croll to reflect the latest trends in the data field, including security, ubiquitous computing, collaboration, reproducibility, new interfaces, emerging architecture, building data teams and machine data.

The Pepperdata team is ready to meet you at Strata 2019 in San Francisco!

Pepperdata will again be a Big Data performance management presence at Strata, where the theme is “Make data work”. And do we make it work for our customers!  The Pepperdata Big Data performance management platform was purpose-built to automatically capture every performance metric and event across the Big Data infrastructure, Hadoop framework, and application environment, enabling enterprises to meet stringent SLAs and deliver a consistently superior customer experience. The features and capabilities of the Pepperdata platform empower operations, developers, and business unit leaders to understand and manage performance at every level, control infrastructure costs, and plan for the future as workloads change and grow over time.

Get a Big Data Cloud Migration Cost Assessment

This year, we are showcasing a breakthrough solution that will completely change the way enterprises plan and prepare for the inevitable migration to the cloud.  Stop by booth 926 to check it out and get your own.

Navigating an enterprise cloud migration strategy is a complex process that requires careful planning and analysis to ensure consistent service levels and achieve success while taking full advantage of the economics and elasticity of the cloud. The Pepperdata Big Data Cloud Migration Cst Assessment automatically identifies optimal cloud instances across cloud service providers, based on actual workloads, to support the most cost-effective implementation of a hybrid or multi-cloud migration strategy.  The Cloud Migration Cost Assessment identifies optimal instances across four leading cloud service providers: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM.

Pepperdata automates that process and provides recommendations based on the performance profiles, including CPU and memory usage, captured from your actual on-premises workloads and infrastructure, saving you significant time and expense. The assessment includes exactly what  you need to decide on the most cost-effective implementation of your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

  • Get a detailed and accurate assessment of your big data cloud migration costs and instance options before you make a move
  • Eliminate the complexity of tedious, repetitive manual processes with a fully automated approach
  • Significantly reduce the time and resources required to perform pre-migration workload and infrastructure assessments
  • Get immediate instance recommendations and related costs for workloads, queues, jobs, and users
  • Compare recommended instances and costs across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud

Stop by our booth, #926, Join us March 25-28, 2019 at Moscone West, located in an exceptional neighborhood known for its museums, restaurants, theaters, shops, and expansive urban gardens.  We look forward to seeing you this week in San Francisco.

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