What an incredible time we had at Strata + Hadoop World NYC this past week. There were thousands of people in attendance and over 170 sponsors and exhibitors. The Pepperdata team was glad to be there for what is clearly becoming one of the biggest Hadoop and Big Data conferences.

Conferences are very high-energy and exciting events for us, because we enjoy speaking with attendees about how they are using Hadoop, what their unique use cases are, and the challenges they face. The attendees at Strata NY were from all stages of Hadoop deployment, and ran the gamut of industries. Being New York, there were a number of Financial Services companies there, but also a lot of technology, manufacturing, and government contractors. When speaking to attendees about their typical challenges with Hadoop, we heard very similar themes across the board: getting Hadoop up and running, and how to eliminate bottlenecks so that jobs aren’t slowed down. Although Pepperdata does not work with companies to actually implement Hadoop, we do eliminate resource contention and bottlenecks so that jobs are completed on time. Our ability to dynamically unlock unused capacity helps companies improve their throughput and guarantee SLAs, so we were happy to hear that our software can help solve about 80% of the challenges that companies were coming to us with. Success! 🙂

At the booth, our “Guess the Peppers” challenge always draws a steady crowd, and this year we had our new (and very popular!) hot sauce to giveaway. But beyond the giveaways, what kept people at the booth were the technical demos from our staff, as well as our recent announcement of our Comprehensive Chargeback Reporting for Hadoop. In fact, one of the biggest highlights by far this week was the amazing response we had from industry analysts, who really seem to get what Chargeback Reporting can do for companies in the later stages of Hadoop maturity. Several press mentions such as our friends over at Taneja Group who said this:

Pepperdata’s value proposition is easy to justify against the infrastructure savings, but the opportunity to do more with existing cluster infrastructure, and provide consistent performance for business processes that depend on it, really makes it a must-have – a checkbox requirement for Hadoop clusters.

Incredible! We’ve been saying for a while now that Pepperdata has a feature for every customer and Hadoop stage. Early stage users will benefit from the incredible visibility and troubleshooting capability that our software lends. Middle and late-stage Hadoopers love Pepperdata for its throughput gains and SLA enforcement. And now that we’ve added Chargeback, the ability to accurately account for usage across different departments and facilitate Hadoop-as-a-Service is a reality (as reported by our friends at
Enterprise Tech).

So in short, Strata NY was a big success for us. The attendees, the sponsors, and the partners who we met with all seemed to agree that the show was full of great content and fun activity. We also met with a number of prospective clients who seemed very interested in what Pepperdata has to offer. 

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