2019 was a turbulent and exciting year in the world of Big Data. And here at Pepperdata, we’ve been right in the thick of it. Before we leave 2019 behind, we wanted to look back on the awesome numbers we’ve posted this year. We took some enormous strides, and we’d like to celebrate and acknowledge them with you.

In 2019, we truly established ourselves as a leading big data optimization solutions provider. We worked with over 275 production clusters, more than 50,000 production nodes, 1 billion jobs, and over 900 trillion data points. Our products enabled hundreds of enterprises to progress significantly in their big data initiatives and their digital transformation journey overall.

This year, hundreds of our clients experienced, for the first time, superior real-time visibility into their big data stacks. Our solutions allowed them to fully optimize their big data infrastructure at an all-new scale.

We consider ourselves fortunate for having been able to work with many of the world’s leading brands and multiple Fortune 500 companies. This year, the Pepperdata brand made its mark in many sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, retail, and more.

We provided our customers with an unparalleled correlated view of their platform and applications and supported their growth through continuous and intelligent tuning, alerting, and recommendations.

We couldn’t have achieved these fantastic numbers without the support and trust of our customers and clients, and for that, we are extremely grateful. So if you’re part of the Pepperdata clan: Thank you! And if you’re yet to join the family, take a look at what we have to offer. We’d love to help your organization achieve observability and benefit from our automated optimization in the near future.

Expect more from Pepperdata next year, as we are continually improving our products and developing more features for even more efficient big data analytics management.

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